Sunday, April 01, 2007

What ever happened to good ol' music?

... Well certainly, it's not on myspace... or is it? I just uploaded a couple of tunes that features (o.k. ... myself) and!... a brilliant young Irish fiddler from Chicago by the name of Farley Kelly here. I've known Farley since he was 11, and play music with him every summer at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Hot fiddlin'!!! ... well worth the listenin.
apologies to R. Crumb


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger AnjeeMai said...

there is some good music on myspace... here in minnesota we dance our pants off to lots of good ol' blue grass and folk music...

look for these guys on myspace and then check out their friends...

charlie parr
pert near sandstone
two many banjos
spider john koerner
trampled by turtles

4:06 PM  
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